15 Reasons to Date a Nurse

The crush is actually a nursing assistant. We say prevent nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and have him/her down!

Listed here are 15 reasons to date a nurse:

1. Nurses are caring and patient, and are also usually great listeners.

2. Nurses tend to be super-smart. If you’re into both brains and beauty, your own big date can deliver.

3. Sick and tired of breastfeeding that hangover? Allow an actual nursing assistant work their feel-better secret.

4. Nurses have seen figures of size and shapes — and saw every variety of bodily function possible. Your own insecurities and body quirks will most likely leave your own big date unfazed.

5. No waiting lined up. You’re going to get a simple diagnosis each time you think beneath the climate.

6. The consistent. It isn’t really only beautiful on Halloween. (interpretation: those scrubs only look so attractive and cozy.)

7. Amazing nerves. Nurses continue to be calm and collected in pretty tense scenarios. You wish to be matchmaking a nurse in times of emergency and chaos.

8. Nurses work very long hours. When you desire some only time, a nursing assistant’s crazy timetable might match you simply good. (In addition, with odd hours come strange go out occasions.  Monday mid-day might end up being the brand new tuesday night.)

9. Nurses make fantastic potential parents. No pressure or anything.

10. You’re going to be safe. Date a nurse and you also’ve had gotten immediate access to CPR, protection insites for cougarsmation and disease-prevention guidelines.

11. Awesome « just how had been every day? » stories. Nurses have limitless myths of patient and/or medical practitioner drama.

12. You will beginning to see the health jargon on your own favorite healthcare dramas.

13. Nurses will like your considerate motions. They offer to other individuals for hours on end and certainly will often feel unappreciated.

14. Nurses comprehend selflessness, the essential components to a wholesome commitment.

15. The time saves physical lives. Which is brag-worthy.